Thank you for seeking health care services at Student Health Services (SHS). We believe every Emory student has the right to be treated with respect, and we strive to make our services accessible to trans, non-binary, and gender nonconforming students.

We understand that pursuing medical and psychological services may feel challenging or uncomfortable. We want to underscore that you have the right to ask questions, advocate for yourself, set boundaries, bring someone with you, and/or refuse particular treatments. We encourage you to be open and honest with your healthcare provider about your body, your behavior, and your concerns.

This page uses traditional medical terminology to refer to body parts in order to be as specific as possible but avoids gendering body parts/bodily functions. We recognize that you may not use these terms to refer to your body, so we hope that you will individualize the information presented here into your own terms and for your own body. We are using the word “trans” as an umbrella term for many different gender identities.

Pre-exposure prophylaxis for HIV, also known as PrEP, is available at Student Health Services. PrEP may be appropriate for some students at higher risk for contracting HIV. PrEP consists of a medication in the form of a once daily pill or every 2 month injection, regular condom use and and routine medical visits with labs (usually every three months).

To schedule a visit, please email our health educators in the Office of Health Promotion (OHP) at They will conduct a phone visit with you and then schedule you with a provider for labs and prescribing. There is no co-pay for office visits at SHS for enrolled/registered students but there will be charges for laboratory fees. The cost of your PrEP medication depends on one’s health insurance coverage for prescription medications.

PrEP 2023


To learn more about PrEP, please visit

Gender Affirming Hormones

Some gender diverse people use hormones to affirm their lived gender. It is important to be monitored by a healthcare provider to ensure the hormones you are taking are safe for you.

Hormones need time to work and should be taken exactly as prescribed for you — taking more does not achieve faster results and can be dangerous. Physical changes with hormone therapy take several years to be fully realized, and some of these changes are not reversible.

At EUSHS we have several providers who can prescribe gender affirming hormones. You can schedule an initial gender affirming care visit if you would like to discuss starting hormones with a provider or if you are already on hormones but new to Emory. To schedule a visit (available weekly), go to the Student Patient Portal or call the front desk at 404-727-7551 (option "1").

Follow up visits for gender affirming hormones are typically conducted every 3 months in the first year or if changes are being made to your regimen and can be spaced out less frequently once your regimen is stable.


Additional Information about Hormone Therapy


Other Gender Affirming Services

Even if hormones are not a part of your gender affirming plan, our providers at EUSHS can support you and your needs. We can provide referrals for surgeries and voice therapy, contraception counseling, menstrual suppression, information on safe binding/tucking/packing and more. If you desire to discuss any of the above with a provider, please schedule an initial gender affirming care visit through the Student Patient Portal or by calling the front desk at 404-727-7551, Option 1.

The infographic below walks you through the process of receiving gender affirming care at Student Health Services. (Click image to enlarge.)

Please note that gender affirming surgeries (GAS) an gender affirming hormone therapy (GAHT) may only be available to students 18 or older due to legal restrictions.

flyer explaining gender affirming care resources at SHS


To initiate care with Student Health, log into the Student Patient Portal, select "Schedule an appointment" and "Gender Affirming Care". Then, select "Initial Appointment" and schedule a date and time.

You may choose to discuss the following options during your initial appointment: Gender Affirming Hormone Therapy, Menstrual Suppression, and/or Gender-Affirming Surgeries and Voice Therapy. (All three may be discussed during the same visit; they do not need to be separate appointments.)

Regardless of what type of therapy you seek, all initial appointments will involve a physical exam (measuring height, weight, and blood pressure), as well as taking a medical history. Our providers will need to know what medication you are taking. If you have received GAHT (also known as HRT) in the past, please bring in your labs. 

During your appointment, we will discuss your treatment goals and timeline, your options, logistics, and answer questions about insurance coverage. If you seek gender-affirming surgery, we will also discuss whether letters are needed and how to get them for surgery approval. 

Labs (blood draw) may be needed and taken during your appointment for GAHT. If you are seeking menstrual suppression therapy, a pregnancy test will also be administered if you have recently had intercourse that could result in pregnancy. 

If you are approved for gender-affirming surgery, a referral will be made for an in- or out-of-state surgeon, and we can further discuss options and insurance coverage. Follow-up visits will be with your surgeon. 

If you are seeking voice therapy, you will receive a referral to a voice therapist. 

Finally, follow-up visits may be necessary. If you are undergoing GAHT, you will need follow-up appointments every 3 months during the first year to get labwork done and to check in on how you and your body feels. During subsequent years, you will only need to come in every 6-12 months. 


**Note: all other insurance plans have different benefits and coverage - you should contact your insurance provider to find the answers to these same questions.

How can I determine what my total out-of-pocket cost would be under the Emory University Student Health Insurance Plan (EUSHIP) plan? To estimate the total out of pocket costs, you should contact Aetna Student Health at 1-877-261-8403. Staying within the Emory Core network is the preferred option for students on the EUSHIP plan. After the Aetna negotiated discount, you will be responsible for the $25 specialist visit copay, annual deductible of $200 and 10% co-insurance. The maximum out of pocket is $7,000.

Where is Hormone Replacement Therapy mentioned in the summary planned description? The benefit is all inclusive, outlined in the Plan Design and Benefit Summary. 

Should I call the pharmacy before pick-up to determine how much insurance covers? You can call Aetna Pharmacy Management (APM) at 1-888-792-3862.

Do I pay separately for hormones and hypodermic needles? Yes, this is a separate expense. Both are covered under the medical plan. For additional information, contact Aetna Student Health at 1-877-261-8403. 

What does “Payable in accordance with the type of expense incurred and the place where service is provided” mean?  Services will be paid on the same basis as any other service, according to the allowable contracted amount between the insurance company and the facility/provider.

Who will be able to see my insurance bill? As the policy holder on the EUSHIP, all insurance information (i.e. EOB’s, etc) will be sent to you, the member directly. Depending on where the information is sent and the address on file with Aetna, this does not prevent other persons from potentially having access to this information (if sent home, etc.). Your permanent address on OPUS is typically where insurance information will be sent to.

How long does it typically take before I will know what my insurance will cover? You can submit a pre-determination with Aetna Student Heath, to determine whether or not a procedure will be covered. To assist with the process, contact Aetna Student Health at 1-877-261-8403. The pre-determination process generally takes up to 30 days. 

How long after I graduate will the Emory insurance cover my HRT or other bills? Coverage typically remains in force until the end of the policy year. If you graduate in December, coverage will terminate on December 31st. If you graduate in May, you will remain covered until the end of the policy year. Claims will continue to be processed and paid as Aetna receives them and will continue to be covered under the plan as long as services were rendered during the time you were insured. 


EUSHIP and Pre-certification

What is a pre-certification form? Some services must be pre-certified by Aetna beforehand if you want the Plan to cover them. Preferred Providers are responsible for requesting precertification for their services. You are responsible for requesting precertification if you seek care from a Non- Preferred Provider for any of the services listed in the Schedule of Benefits section of the Certificate. If you want the Plan to cover a service from a Non- Preferred Provider that requires precertification, you must call Aetna at the number on your ID card. After Aetna receives a request for precertification, we will review the reasons for your planned treatment and determine if benefits are available.

What does the following statement mean? “If you do not secure pre-certification for the below listed inpatient and outpatient covered medical services and supplies obtained from a non-preferred provider your covered medical expenses will be subject to a $500 per service, treatment, procedure, visit, or supply benefit reduction.” Pre-certification is typically for inpatient services only, although in some cases, outpatient procedures may require pre-certification. Initiating pre-cert, can be done by the patient, by notifying Aetna at least 3 days prior to the procedure. However, the pre-cert is usually carried out by the hospital or medical facility. If not initiated by either party, a $500 penalty/reduction can be imposed. 

Student Health Services

Emory University Student Health Services (EUSHS) provides outpatient care for enrolled Emory students with a valid Emory ID card. International student's spouses, Domestic Partners and unmarried children over 18 years of age are also eligible for primary medical care if they are currently enrolled in the Emory/Aetna Student Health Insurance Plan.

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