In-person learning will resume on January 31, as health safety conditions permit. Additionally, the remote start to spring semester will coincide with important modifications that will support Emory’s transition to sustainable campus operations amid COVID-19.

Important Modifications


For a mild to moderate case, you can receive the booster as soon as your symptoms resolve and you meet criteria to end isolation which is usually by day 10.

The exception is that – if you received monoclonal antibodies during your infection – you would need to wait 90 days before you can receive the booster.

If you require a temporary medical exemption, fill out the COVID-19 Student Temporary Medical Deferral Exemption Request Form and upload it to the student health portal.

The attestation dashboard has been programmed to recognize that you are not eligible yet; you will remain compliant until two weeks after you become eligible for a booster.

If you are not arriving on campus until after Jan. 19 and do not have access to boosters internationally, please notify Student Health Services through the Student Health Portal by messaging “Immunization Compliance.” 


Pre-entry Testing: Tests to be taken prior to arrival on campus. The intent is to identify infections and isolate individuals before they arrive on campus.  

Arrival Testing: Only required for unvaccinated individuals and certain designated groups (e.g., athletics).

If you have had a positive COVID test in the last 90 days, you do not need to take a pre-entry test. However, you are required to fill out the attestation form and click the option for a 90-day exemption due to a recent infection.

Also note that following a positive COVID test, the CDC advises that you do not get a PCR test for 90 days. That is the period of time that a test can remain positive after a COVID infection.

All students will be required to complete a negative PCR test (e.g., molecular or NAAT) 48 hours or a negative antigen test (e.g., most at-home tests) 24 hours and get your test result prior to coming to campus. There are several options for pre-entry testing near Emory. Costs may vary for at-home test kits or being tested at one of these locations:

Yes and no. If you live off campus or never left campus, you can take the on-campus saliva screening test for your pre-entry test. You will sign up for the test, then return to your apartment and not access campus or any group activities until you receive the results (usually 24 hours). Once you have a negative test result, you can complete the pre-entry attestation and be cleared for campus.

If you are RETURNING to campus and live on campus, you need to test and receive the results prior to checking back into your residence hall. Therefore, if you choose to test with the saliva screening program, you will need to plan to stay in the local area until you get the results (usually 24 hours). Once you have a negative test result, you can complete the on-line pre-entry attestation form and be cleared for return to campus.

All students will be required to complete a negative PCR test 48 hours or a negative antigen test (includes at-home tests) 24 hours before returning to campus for the spring semester. Students must receive a negative test and complete the attestation form on the Emory Forward testing page prior to moving into campus housing or returning to campus for any reason. COVID-19 screening testing is available on campus for asymptomatic Emory students, faculty, and staff.

Unvaccinated students moving into the residence halls will also be required to test upon arrival on campus. Within 24 hours of moving into campus housing, unvaccinated students will need to conduct a screening test on campus, and then again three to five days later. Students will receive email and text notifications directing them to schedule their testing appointments when arriving on campus.

Unvaccinated students must continue conducting weekly COVID-19 screening testing. Anyone unvaccinated who will not be on campus during a given week(s), must fill out a testing exemption form.


Per the most recent CDC isolation guidelines, you should avoid travel for a full 10 days after the positive test or the beginning of symptoms.
Per current CDC isolation guidelines, an individual may be released from isolation if they are asymptomatic or their symptoms have significantly resolved by day five (day zero being your first day of symptoms or positive test). They would be released on day six. No testing is required to be released from isolation. Different criteria apply for Emory Healthcare employees and students.
Per the most recent CDC guidelines, the CDC recommends an isolation period of at least 10 days and possibly up to 20 days for those who are severely ill as they may not clear the virus as quickly.

According to Emory Healthcare guidelines, students may test on day five with an antigen test (at-home test is acceptable). If the test result is negative and the student has no symptoms, they may return to clinical work on day six following the required masking protocols.

If the antigen test is positive, the student must continue isolation for seven days. Students will be released from isolation on day five or seven only if they are fever free for 24 hours without fever reducing medications and their symptoms have significantly improved. Clinical students must always put the health and safety of their patients first and notify their program directors.

Face masks should fit snugly against the sides of your face and not have gaps around the side of your face and should have a nose wire to prevent air from leaking out of the top of the mask. For more information, please visit:

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