Spring Waiver Site Open Nov 15, 2022 – Jan 20, 2023


In 2018, Emory University successfully became a self-insured (self-funded) student health insurance plan. As a self-insured plan, Emory operates its own student health plan with Aetna Student Health as the plan administrator. And with the uncertainty of available healthcare options, this is the perfect time to consider the Emory University Student Health Insurance Plan (EUSHIP). For additional plan information, please visit the Aetna Student Health website at www.aetnastudenthealth.com

Emory University requires all degree-seeking and international students to have health insurance or purchase a University-sponsored plan. For more information about the Emory health insurance requirement, click on Student Insurance Requirement Information.

Request a Spring Waiver by January 20th

Waiver Process

The health insurance requirement is an annual process which must be completed by every student, every year as long as you are an enrolled student.

To complete the waiver process online, do the following:

  1. Log in at www.opus.emory.edu with your Emory Network ID and Password
  2. Complete the required Return to School and/or the Personal Information Review, if requested
  3. Select the "Health" tile on the Applicant homepage or the Student homepage
  4. Select "Submit Health Insurance Waiver" and the follow the five steps to complete the process
  5. Upload your health insurance ID card via your Student Patient Portal at www.shspnc.emory.edu 

**Allow 3-5 business days for the verification process to conclude**


Email notification will be stored in the Communication Center located in OPUS under the Student Center.

In order for an insurance plan to meet the Emory University mandatory insurance waiver criteria, the insurance plan must feature all of the following:

  • The plan provides prescription drug coverage
  • Cannot exclude or limit coverage for pre-existing conditions
  • The plan must have 100% coverage for preventive care, including vaccinations, in Atlanta, GA and surrounding areas.
  • My plan provides coverage for both emergency and non-emergency inpatient and outpatient medical (laboratory, diagnostic services, primary and specialty care, and physical therapy included) and mental health care in Atlanta, GA or the surrounding areas.
  • The insurance plan must cover at least 75% of usual and customary charges in Atlanta, GA and surrounding areas. The plan may not contain specific limitations for the treatment of medical conditions relative to standard hospital or outpatient care. For example, an insurance plan that has limited coverage of hospital room and board to $500 or limited coverage of ambulance costs to $350 would not be acceptable.
  • The insurance coverage is not through a medical cost sharing or co-op type program.
  • The plan has a U.S. based claim administrator, a U.S. telephone number and address for submission of claims, and the policy is issued in the U.S.
  • Oral contraceptives must be covered at 100% of usual and customary charges in the Atlanta, GA. area.
  • The insurance plan must cover both inpatient and outpatient mental health treatment and must cover treatment for substance abuse (both alcohol and drug abuse).
  • The plan is currently active, and you agree to maintain health insurance throughout the policy year, i.e. through the end of this year’s enrollment term at Emory.  If you lose coverage, you must notify Emory immediately.

For information about the Aetna health insurance plan offered for Emory students click here, or go to www.aetnastudenthealth.com (click on Find Your School and choose Emory University). There is also information about insurance, EUSHS fees and billing practices on our web site click here.

Your waiver is subject to verification. You will be notified via email by Aetna Student Health, once a decision has been made. Please allow 3-5 days for verification.

If you are enrolled in an out of state Medicaid insurance plan, please be aware that coverage may not transfer out of your home state. At most, emergency care may be available however, emergency care only does not satisfy the university’s health insurance requirement. If coverage does not transfer to Georgia, students can be left underinsured or entirely uninsured while at school, possibly affecting a student’s academic career long term if anything were to happen. Please contact your individual state plan to verify your eligible benefits in Georgia.

The university continues to work through this important issue in hopes to mitigate the financial strain on our students and families.

Recommendations for coverage include the following:

  1. Enroll in the Emory University student health insurance plan (EUSHIP) for the fall semester only; enroll in an accepted alternative plan for the spring term (the fall charge will then adjust to a fall only premium, being less than the initial insurance charge billed);
  2. Enroll in Georgia Medicaid or a partner plan or;
  3. Enroll through the ACA marketplace.  

Financial advice and assistance are available through the offices below, including payment options through the Emory Payment Plan (EPP).

Student Financial Services: 404-727-9403

Office of Financial Aid: 404-727-6039

Registrar’s office: 404-727-6042


Accepted plan options to waive the Emory University Student Health Insurance Plan:

Georgia Medicaid: https://medicaid.georgia.gov/

Amerigroup Medicaid https://www.chooseamerigroup.com

ACA market place plans: https://www.healthcare.gov 

(Depending on personal income and other criteria, allowable subsidies and/or additional credits may be available)

United Healthcare: https://www.uhc.com/

Blue Cross Blue Shield: https://www.bcbs.com/

Cigna: https://www.cigna.com/

Email your Emory University insurance related questions or issues to mandatoryinsurance@listserv.cc.emory.edu (preferred).

You may also contact us by calling 404-727-8959.


In fall 2006, Emory University instituted a mandatory health insurance requirement for all degree-seeking and all international students. Updates to the waiver and refund processes associated with the insurance requirement are outlined below.

In addition, the Student Health Services (SHS) website features extensive information on the waiver process (http://studenthealth.emory.edu/insurance/waive.html).

  • Students who have other insurance plans (i.e., parent’s plan, employer, individual, etc.) that satisfy Emory’s requirements and wish to waive the Emory University Student Health Insurance Plan (EUSHIP) must do so every new academic year. The waiver process is an annual process, which must be completed every year by every student. 
  • Emory has designated official university email as the preferred mode of communication with students, faculty, and staff. Students are expected to read all official Emory emails, as are faculty and staff.  
  • Students and parents were surveyed – more than 1,200 students responded – about their preferred method for receiving information about the insurance requirement; an overwhelming majority chose email.
  • New and returning students each receive three or four emails throughout the summer (including parents of undergraduates) about the insurance requirement and the waiver process. All email communications are stored in the student’s Communication Center via OPUS, Emory’s student portal, which reflects read or unread status.
  • Emails about the insurance requirement and deadlines are sent to parents of continuing students as a reminder of this process. Because OPUS may not have current email addresses for all parents, SHS’ insurance-related decisions are not solely based on email communications to parents. However, emails are sent to all students new and returning, which they are expected to read as official Emory communications.
  • Approximately 10,000 students successfully complete a waiver each new academic year before the waiver deadline; nearly 6,500 are continuing students.
  • The deadline for student health insurance waivers is September 15 of each academic year. After that date, beginning fall 2020, there is no waiver appeals process. The Emory University Student Health Insurance Plan is an annual policy; therefore, students are expected to maintain enrollment in the plan for the entire academic year. Previously, as a courtesy, students who missed the fall waiver deadline were permitted to submit an appeal for reconsideration in the fall and again in the spring. This is no longer the case.
  • The health insurance charge systematically posts to each student’s account (until they receive a waiver) as early as possible for the pre-term bill in July. The second installment for spring will post as early as November.
  • Emory and Aetna Student Health will reconcile enrollment and payment in September on behalf of all students enrolled in the plan (5,000+ each year).
  • Once the enrollment and payment of the plan are reconciled, no further financial adjustments (e.g., student refunds of the health insurance charge can be made. In cooperation with Student Financial Services, financial refunds or adjustments are not to extend beyond one prior semester.
  • Requests for an insurance appeal or charge reversal due to a student’s failure to meet the university’s waiver requirements and deadlines will be reviewed by the EUSHIP leadership team and considered on a case-by-case basis with no guarantee of approval. Financial and situational circumstances may be taken into account. When an appeal and refund are requested, a log of the emails sent to the parent and student are gathered to ensure that emails were sent to all parties involved. Previous waiver dates are also reviewed to determine awareness of the established process.
  • In the event a request is not granted for the reasons stated above, the student’s insurance coverage will remain active for the academic year for which they are enrolled. The EUSHIP offers both domestic and international coverage with Emory Care and Aetna participating provider networks. For a complete review of the plan design, including a complete list of Covid-19 coverage provisions, visit the Aetna Student Health website aetnastudenthealth.com or the Student Health Services website at www.studenthealth.emory.edu.

Student Health Services

Emory University Student Health Services (EUSHS) provides outpatient care for enrolled Emory students with a valid Emory ID card. International student's spouses, Domestic Partners and unmarried children over 18 years of age are also eligible for primary medical care if they are currently enrolled in the Emory/Aetna Student Health Insurance Plan.

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