All incoming Emory students must meet the CDC and American College Health Association immunization and tuberculosis testing guidelines prior to registration for classes.

Incoming students should carefully review the Emory immunization requirements below and complete the electronic immunization form available via our secure website through the student patient portal (link below) which you sign into using your Emory OPUS user ID and password.

Emory University Mandatory Immunization Requirement

Student Patient Portal


If you cannot find the answer to your immunization question through our website, you can reach us directly by email here or by calling 404-727-0392. 

  • If you have a medical contraindication to any of Emory's immunization requirements, please submit a letter of explanation, signed by both you and your healthcare provider, along with your other immunization records.

  • Please note that the Tuberculosis (TB) Screening Requirement (for health sciences students and international students from specific TB endemic countries) cannot be declined.

  • Vaccine Information StatementsThe CDC creates a frequently updated Vaccine Information Statement (VIS) for each of the vaccines marketed in the United States. These VIS documents review the disease, who should get the vaccine, who should not get the vaccine or should delay, potential side effects and severe reactions, and how to get more information. The CDC regularly updates these statements and is the best resource to find out about the vaccine you are interested in getting or have received. To see the VIS for the most common vaccines offered at EUSHS, use the link above to access the webpage at the CDC, then search for the vaccine you are interested in knowing more information about.

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Four Steps Are Required for Compliance

Dear Student,

We hope this email finds you in good health. Our top priority at EUSHS is to ensure the safety and wellness of all Emory students. In these uncertain times, we are mindful of the fact that some students will face challenges while completing their immunization requirements. Thus, we want to remind you that our staff at student health is present to address any of your questions regarding immunizations. We are available to answer your questions via email at In addition, you can contact us directly via your Patient Portal. Please keep in mind that your immunizations are due by July 1st.

Here are some helpful steps you can take to complete your immunization requirements if you are unable to get the Emory form updated and signed by your personal provider due to the challenges associated with COVID-19.

1) In most cases, your immunization records can be accessed through your state registry.

a) If you are a Georgia resident, then please visit the Georgia Registry of Immunizations and fill out the Grits IMM Record Request Form under “For Public” section to access your health records. 

b) For non-Georgia residents, visit the CDC Immunization Information Services page for contact information to your state registry. 

2) You can also try to schedule an appointment with your local medical provider or access specific urgent care centers to complete your immunizations or obtain needed serologic titers.

We are currently accepting your previous intuitions’ official signed and stamped immunization form if you are unable to complete the required Emory’s immunization form. We appreciate your patience as we navigate through the pandemic. Please reach out to us for any questions or concerns.


Yours in health,

Emory University Student Health Services

Immunization Compliance Team



Download and print a copy of your school-specific paper form and take it to your healthcare provider to verify and sign.  If you already have an official signed copy of your REQUIRED immunization form, go to step two.

REQUIRED Immunization Form

To view and/or print the paper version of the REQUIRED immunization form (ALL STUDENTS MUST USE ONE OF THESE FORMS FOR THEIR IMMUNIZATION HISTORY AND DOCUMENTATION), please click on the appropriate link below:

Fill out the online Tuberculosis Questionnaire Form on the Your Patient Portal home page. You may also fill out the paper version of the Tuberculosis Questionnaire on the paper immunization form and upload with your signed immunization records. Note: an alternate tuberculosis screening is required for the School of Medicine, all Allied Health programs, and all School of Nursing programs.

Enter and submit the vaccination dates into the electronic Immunization Form on Student Patient Portal.

Upload the verified and signed form via Student Patient Portal.

For further assistance, please contact the immunization compliance team by calling 404-727-7551 or emailing

All Students Must Have The Following Required Immunizations Prior to Enrollment

All students must receive, or provide documentation of receiving, a COVID-19 vaccination.

To ensure documentation and appropriate tracking for compliance, please upload your documents as directed below.

For those students who received their COVID-19 vaccine at the Northlake location on or after March 22, 2021, you do not need to do anything further.

For students who received their COVID-19 vaccine prior to March 22, 2021 (this would include Healthcare students) or have received a vaccine outside of Emory Healthcare and/or the student vaccine platform, please access your Student Patient Portal.  On the left-hand column, click “Forms” and then click “Immunization Forms” in the body of the page.  Enter the date of your specific COVID-19 vaccine (Pfizer, Moderna, or Johnson and Johnson), then scroll down to the bottom of the page to upload your documentation and click SUBMIT.

You can find more information about submitting the forms here.

All students living in on-campus housing must have one dose of Meningococcal conjugate or Men ACWY vaccine given on or after 16 years of age.

For students that will be living in Emory on-campus housing, State of Georgia law (Official Code of Georgia Annotated 31-12-3.2) requires that they receive information about meningococcal meningitis and the vaccines. The law also requires that these students sign a document stating that they have either received a vaccination against meningococcal disease, plan to receive it, or reviewed the information and declined to be vaccinated.

All students born on or after January 1, 1957 must meet this requirement either by having been vaccinated against the three diseases (as the combined vaccine MMR or individual vaccinations against the 3 diseases) or showing laboratory evidence of immunity to all 3 diseases:


  • Measles, Mumps, Rubella (MMR)
Dose 1: At 12 month of age or older (provide month, day and year) and
Dose 2: At least one month after dose 1 (provide month, day and year)


  • Measles (Rubeola, Red Measles or Ten-Day Measles) - two doses of vaccine or a positive antibody titer
Dose 1: At 12 month of age or older (provide month, day and year) and
Dose 2: At least one month after dose 1 (provide month, day and year), or
Positive Antibody Titer (include copy of lab result)
  • Mumps - two doses of vaccine or a positive antibody titer
Dose 1: At 12 month of age or older (provide month, day and year) and
Dose 2: At least one month after dose 1 (provide month, day and year), or
Positive Antibody Titer (include copy of lab result)
  • Rubella (German Measles or Three-Day Measles) - one dose of vaccine or a positive antibody titer
Dose 1: At 12 month of age or older (provide month, day and year) or
Positive Antibody Titer (include copy of lab result)

All students must have the basic primary series of 3 doses of Diphtheria and Tetanus Toxoid (DT or TD). In addition, all students must have a Td or Tdap booster within the past 10 years (a Tetanus Diphtheria booster shot is required every 10 years after the basic primary series has been completed).

All students are required to have had one adult Tdap booster.  If the Tdap was given longer than ten years ago, a student must have received an additional Td or Tdap within the past 10 years.

All students must have a series of THREE Hepatitis B vaccinations:  an initial dose, followed by a dose 1-2 months after the first, and a final dose 6 months after the first (AND two months after the second).

OR Positive Quantitative antibody Titer (you must submit/upload a copy of this lab report).

  • All Allied Health and School of Nursing and School of Medicine students must submit/upload a copy of the post-vaccine quantitative antibody titer lab report before arrival.
  • If you are currently in the process of being immunized for Hepatitis B, you can finish the series once you are at school on a fee-for-service basis.

All students must have a positive Varicella antibody titer or 2 doses of vaccine given at least 1 month apart.

  • A copy of the Varicella titer lab report must be submitted/uploaded if that option is chosen.

All college, graduate, business, law, public health, theology and all non-medical/nursing students must fill out the Tuberculosis questionnaire. If any question is answered 'yes', a TB screening test is required (PPD skin testing, Quantiferon TB Gold or T-spot, and/or a chest x-ray).

Emory University requires a TB screening test within 6 months of matriculation of all Allied Health, School of Medicine, and School of Nursing students and all international students who have arrived in the United States from countries in which tuberculosis is endemic. 

  • Allied Health and Medical Students screened by PPD will also need a second PPD (the "two step" PPD process) AFTER their arrival at Emory.
  • Nursing students screened by PPD are required to get a second PPD at least 2 weeks after the first PPD AND PRIOR to their arrival at Emory.
Because TB is so common globally, it is easier to list countries of low TB prevalence rather than high. Therefore, all international students who have arrived in the United States are required to undergo tuberculosis screening EXCEPT those from the following exempt countries:

Albania, Amer. Samoa, Andorra, Antigua & Barbuda, Aruba, Australia, Austria, Bahamas, Bahrain, Barbados, Belgium, Bermuda, Bonaire/St. Eustatius/Saba, British Virgin Isl., Canada, Cayman Isl., Chile, Cook Isl., Costa Rica, Croatia, Cuba, Curacao, Cyprus, Czechia, Denmark, Egypt, Estonia, Finland, France, French Polynesia, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Iran (Islamic Republic of), Ireland, Italy, Japan, Jordan, Lebanon, Luxembourg, Malta, Monaco, Monserrat, Netherlands, New Zealand, Niue, Norway, Oman, Poland, Puerto Rico, St. Kitts & Nevis, St. Lucia, St.Vincent and the Grenadines,  Samoa, San Marino, Saudi Arabia, Seychelles, Saint Maarten (Dutch), Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Syrian Arab Republic, The Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, Tokelau, Tonga, Trinidad and Tobago, Turkey, Turks & Caicos Isl., United Arab Emirates, United Kingdom, US Virgin Isl., Wallis & Futuna Isl., West Bank & Gaza Strip

The preferred testing for these international students is either a Quantiferon TB Gold or T-spot blood test; however a negative PPD skin test is acceptable. 

Declination or Medical Contraindication

If you or your healthcare provider feels that you cannot comply with any of Emory’s immunization requirements (including medical contraindications to specific vaccinations), please submit a letter of explanation signed by both you and your healthcare provider along with your updated immunization records using the Student Patient Portal to upload.  
  • All incoming Emory students must meet the CDC and American College Health Association immunization guidelines prior to registration for classes. However, Emory Student Health Services (EUSHS) is aware that some students have a strong personal objection to vaccination with one or more of the required vaccines. The declination form must be filled out at the beginning of each school year to prevent a registration hold.  This process is subject to change in accordance with expert guidelines of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the American College Health Association.  

  • The access to the declination form is only available through the Student Patient Portal.

  • Once the Declination Form has been reviewed, checked, initialed and signed/dated, please upload through the Student Patient Portal.

Please note that the Tuberculosis (TB) Screening Requirement cannot be declined.

For information about specific vaccinations, please see the CDC vaccine information statements.”


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