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Travel Clinic

The EUSHS Travel Clinic provides consultation and vaccinations for students preparing for international travel on a reduced cost fee-for-service basis. International travel consultations, including immunizations, travel prescriptions and country specific information, are available Monday - Friday by appointment only. Appointments should be scheduled at least 4 to 6 weeks prior to travel if feasible. To make a travel appointment, please schedule through "Your Patient Portal" or call 404.727.7551.

Did you know that Emory University contracts with International SOS (ISOS)?  This service is a resource to provide security and medical evacuation services, and a variety of online health, safety, and security resources for the university community traveling abroad on university business or sponsored activities only.  ISOS is not health insurance.  Before you travel, you should determine how your own health insurance applies to international care. For more information about the Emory University sponsored ISOS, click here.


If you are traveling abroad as a part of your Emory studies or for vacation, there may be important vaccinations and medications that are necessary to keep you safe.  Unfortunately, many insurance plans do not cover Travel Clinic visits, vaccinations or tests.  (The Emory University Student Insurance Plan (EUSHIP) does cover these charges 100% when performed at EUSHS).  Before scheduling an EUSHS Travel Clinic visit, it is important to check with your insurance carrier to ascertain your level of coverage and your potential out-of-pocket expenses, including co-pays and annual deductibles.  There may be other clinical provider sites nearby where you can receive more complete coverage if you do not carry the EUSHIP Plan. EUSHS Travel Clinic visits, vaccinations and tests are priced to be consistent with Emory Healthcare pricing.

To view a chart listing current vaccine and Student Health Services travel clinic prices, click here.

Revised 8/10/18