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Specialist Referrals

EUSHS clinical providers have an excellent relationship with our specialist colleagues at The Emory Clinic and Emory University Hospitals (including the Emory Midtown Hospital and Children's Healthcare of Atlanta-at Egleston Hospital). When Emory students need specialty care or hospitalization in Atlanta, usually EUSHS providers refer to Emory Healthcare facilities, where care is provided on a fee-for-service basis (specialist care, emergency services and hospitalization are not covered by Emory tuition).

However, students also sometimes receive specialty care in Atlanta outside of the Emory Healthcare system due to insurance restrictions (HMO, PPO, etc.), appointment availability or other individual needs. When this occurs, our EUSHS clinical providers work hard to provide, whenever possible, a seamless transition of care to the outside specialist/hospital and then back to EUSHS for ongoing primary care.  Whenever possible, students who are NOT on the Emory Univeristy Student Health Insurance Plan (EUSHIP) should be sure to consult with their insurance carrier directly before receiving services by the recommended specialist. This is to help reduce unexpected out of pocket expenses.

If you are on the Emory Univeristy Student Health Insurance Plan, please remember that all specialist care must first have a referral from a EUSHS provider and the referral must be renewed yearly for ongoing care. There are no referrals needed for the emergency room, when EUSHS is closed, when students are seen during breaks or vacation periods, when medical care is received more than 50 miles from campus, for Ob/Gyn or Dermatology services, or after you graduate/leave the university (while still insured by the plan). If you have questions about this referral requirement, or if you need a renewed referral for ongoing care, contact our EUSHS Insurance Office at 404-727-7560.

Revised 8/10/2018