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Waiver Summer 2018

The following information is for new students entering Summer Semester 2018:


Follow the four-steps to complete the waiver process:

  1. Go to
  2. Enter using your Emory Network ID and Password
  3. Complete the Emergency Alert Notification Information page
  4. Select "Health Insurance Waiver" on the Student Center, under the Personal Information Heading. Complete the Health Insurance Waiver.

Email notification will be stored in the Communication Center located in OPUS under the Student Center

In order for an insurance plan to meet the Emory University mandatory insurance waiver criteria, the insurance plan must feature, at a minimum, all three of the following:

  • Coverage that allows the insured student to receive outpatient, emergency, specialist and inpatient care, diagnostic testing and procedures, and mental health inpatient and outpatient care, including alcohol and substance abuse treatment, in Atlanta, GA
  • A deductible not greater than $2,500 per policy year. If the annual deductible exceeds $2,500, the insured student must have an approved Healthcare Savings Account (HSA) that will allow the student to seek needed medical and mental health care when recommended by a healthcare provider and will cover all deductible expenses over $2,500.
  • The insurance must be provided by an insurance company domiciled in the United States (or must be provided by an international insurance company with a United States partner for handling of insurance claims in the United States).
  • Because you are entering as a new student in Summer Semester, you will also need to complete the waiver process for the 2018-19 Fall Semester later this summer.  You will receive information about the 2018-19 insurance requirements in a separate email.

For information about the Aetna health insurance plan offered for Emory students click here, or go to (click on Find Your School and choose Emory University). There is also information about insurance, EUSHS fees and billing practices on our web site click here.

If your waiver has been denied and you would like to appeal, please complete this form by June 18, 2018.

Revised 3/7/2018