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Appeals Process/ Form

The annual waiver process ended on Thursday, Aug 24th. The waiver site via OPUS is now closed. 

 If you missed the annual waiver process deadline and you have an insurance policy that meets the minimum requirements as listed below and you wish to waive the Emory/Aetna Student Health Insurance Policy, you can submit an appeal for reconsideration.  Click here for the appeals process form.

After your appeal form is reviewed, a decision will be rendered on or before the September 15th deadline. If your appeal is approved, a waiver will be generated on your behalf at which time, the health insurance charge will reverse systematically within 1-2 days of completion. If your plan is denied, you will be required to enroll in the student health insurance plan for the 2017-18 academic year. 

Insurance policy minimum requirements:

  1. Coverage that allows the insured student to receive outpatient, emergency, specialist and inpatient care, diagnostic testing and procedures, and mental health inpatient and outpatient care, including alcohol and substance abuse treatment, in Atlanta, GA.  (Please note that coverage in Atlanta for emergency care only does not meet this waiver criterion.)
  2. An individual annual deductible not greater than $2,500 per policy year.   If the annual deductible exceeds $2,500, the insured student must have an approved Healthcare Savings Account (HSA) that will allow the student to seek needed medical and mental health care when recommended by a healthcare provider and will cover all deductible expenses over $2,500. 
  3.  The insurance must be provided by an insurance company domiciled in the United States (or must be provided by an international insurance company with a United States partner for handling of insurance claims in the United States).

created 9/13/2017