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RespectCon 2018: April 6-7!!!


Pre-Conference, April 6th 
RespectCon, April 7th

Location: TBD

Our Mission

RespectCon aims to end violence on college and university campuses through a social justice lens. Established in 2012, the conference regularly draws more than a hundred attendees from across the country to Emory University in Atlanta, GA. It is the only annual meeting dedicated to addressing sexual violence through social justice informed approaches and collaboration.

Why should you attend?

RespectCon is a space to connect with other colleagues, professionals, and students in the movement to end violence on college campuses. The conference allows you to present new programs, learn what student activists on other campuses find successful, explore the profession of campus anti-violence work, and much more. Above all, RespectCon offers a network of social justice advocates, accomplices, and collaborators from across the country that will help you create powerful change within your campus.

Who can attend RespectCon?

Everyone is a stakeholder in this work to end violence. Therefore, we seek a diverse group of presenters, speakers, and attendees who can stimulate the atmosphere and create an effective dialogue on violence prevention on college campuses across the country. Undergraduate students, professional students, graduate students, faculty members, professional staff on college campuses and community partners are all encouraged to submit proposals and/or attend! RespectCon is not just a conference; we hope to build a community of scholarship for this issue.

What are the important dates?

Call for Proposals closes on February 12, 2018 - submit here!

Pre-Conference Summit is on Friday, April 6, 2018

RespectCon2018 is on Saturday, April 7, 2018

Conference Registration is coming soon to this page!

Important Resources

For more information or to become involved with RespectCon, contact the Respect Program at