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The Respect Program

The Respect Program is Emory's central hub for interpersonal violence prevention and survivor resiliency. We end violence by ending oppression.

If you are seeking support or someone to talk to, you can reach Respect Advocate Wanda Swan at 404.727.1514 or For further resources and information, please check out the side panel on the left.

Stay Involved After Graduation!


Please consider adding your non-Emory email address to the Respect Program Alumni Network (RPAN) email list. This is NOT a weekly/monthly newsletter. You will receive only 4-5 emails PER YEAR. Join now and help keep the movement going to end sexual violence at Emory:

Emory Denim Day Results!

We had our best fundraiser event yet! Between the Emory SGA Picture Pledge and other donations...

We raised $2,745 for survivor support and violence prevention! WOOOOO!

Truly amazing! We doubled last year's amount and totally surpassed the goal of $2,000. Thank you every who participated, and especially Emory Student Goverment Association and Emory Healthcare for your constant sponsorship and partnership of this event each year. If you are interested, here are the specific photo campaign numbers: A total of 2,188 people participated in #EmoryDenimDay 2016. We received about ~900 pictures via email, ~600 via Facebook, ~400 via Instagram, and ~200 via Twitter. Obviously pictures are posted all over social media and can be found by searching #EmoryDenimDay, but the photos emailed to us are located in the Full 2016 Album on Facebook. Hundreds of denim pictures - tag your friends/colleagues as you browse! Below are a few of our favorite photos. Thank you for your participation!

Emory Denim Day 2016 Fan Favorites:

DD16 Fierce

DD16 Puppy

DD16 3 Legs

DD16 Herselfies

DD16 Most Denim

DD16 Signage

DD16 Jurassic

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