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Alumni (RPAN)

After Emory, there is RPAN:rpan logo
The Respect Program Alumni Network   

The mission of the Respect Program Alumni Network (RPAN) is to continue the conversation about creating a survivor supportive campus. Contributing to Emory’s efforts to end sexual violence does not have to cease past graduation. RPAN holds appreciation for all students and staff for their contributions, big or small, to making Emory’s campus safer for future undergraduate and graduate students.  Involvement in the Respect Program, SAPA, ASAP, TBTN, GAV, SAAGA, or the Greek Initiative, qualifies you as an RPANda.  But even if you weren’t formally a part of any of those groups, the only requirement to be an RPANda is a desire to support survivors at Emory.

The Respect Program Alumni Network is a portal for past members to reconnect with their work on Emory’s Campus and ensure that the legacy they started is not forgotten. RPAN was created with the alumni in mind. Alumni are encouraged to contribute, share, and learn from each other.

How to Stay Involved

Whether you're a recent graduate or a past alum, there are numerous opportunities to stay aware and involved in Emory's survivor supportive community. Check the options on the left to choose how you would like to be an RPANda. Any type or amount of participation is valuable and necessary for continuing the movement ending sexual violence on the campus.