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The Respect Program

The Respect Program is Emory's central hub for interpersonal violence prevention and survivor resiliency. We end violence by ending oppression.

If you are seeking support or someone to talk to during business hours for non-emergencies, you can reach a Respect Program Staff Member through our main line at 404-727-1514.

Respect Program Support Hotline

If you have experienced (or are supporting someone who has experienced) interpersonal violence, help is available.

For free and confidential* support, accompaniment, and/or resources, contact the Respect Advocates available 24/7 at:


*this denotes federal reporting obligations


2017 Take Back The Night (TBTN)

 Monday, October 30th!

7pm march through campus, Goizueta Courtyard

The month of October is National Domestic Violence Awareness Month and Emory recognizes it as Relationship Violence Awareness Month. This is a month dedicated to bringing support and solidarity for those impacted by relationship, sexual, and all forms of interpersonal violence.  It also aims to continue an open dialogue about what we can do as a campus to help ensure the respect and safety of all of our members and our surrounding community.

Emory’s Relationship Violence Awareness Month (RVAM) Committee brings Take Back the Night (TBTN) rally and march to the campus on October 30th, 2017, at Goizueta Courtyard at 7:00pm.  Check us out on Facebook: Emory's Take Back The Night! 


Share your stories!

We invite members of the campus community (students, faculty, staff) and our additional campus and community partners to submit anonymous stories to be read at Take Back the Night at this link:

Traditionally, TBTN has focused on supporting survivors of sexual violence and challenging the culture of violence by solely centering the event on the testimony of survivors’ experiences.   We aim to change that by creating opportunities for community members to become active participants in lending their time and voice to heed the call and take their place in the movement. Though we are still committed to creating a space of safety for all impacted by violence it is important to shift our collective focus to also highlighting the voices that connect our communities to collectively challenge the culture of interpersonal violence.

Join us throughout the month for RVAM 2017!


If you have any follow up questions or are interested in your group/organization/department participating in RVAM, please contact Wanda Swan at 404.727.7388 or via email at


Stay Involved After Graduation!


Please consider adding your non-Emory email address to the Respect Program Alumni Network (RPAN) email list. Join now and help keep the movement going to end sexual violence at Emory: email to join!

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