The Respect Program

The Respect Program‘s mission is to engage the Emory community to prevent and respond to sexual assault and relationship violence.  Learn more about the Respect Program; how to get help or support a loved one or student; the issues of sexual assault, relationship violence, and stalking; and how to get involved by navigating through the options on the left side of the screen.  For immediate support go to the “Get Help/Provide Support” tab or contact Lauren (LB) Bernstein, LMSW at 404.727.1514 or    This website is under construction and will be fully upgraded soon!

The Respect Program fulfills its mission by:

  • Advocating for individual students through confidential individual consultations, crisis intervention, and referral
  • Engaging in population-level health promotion to advance an Emory community without sexual assault/harassment, relationship/dating violence, rape, and stalking
  • Providing workshops, events, education, training, campaigns, partnerships, and guest lectures related to building healthier relationships, consent, survivor support, and other topics related to sexual assault and harassment, intimate partner violence, and stalking
  • Empowering students as leaders through student organization involvement, course collaborations, and undergraduate and graduate student staff and intern positions.
  • Ensuring the inclusion of a wide variety of people and constituents to increase accessibility to all groups
  • Collaborating with partners to develop, communicate, and implement strategies to prevent sexual and relationship violence as well as all forms of oppression
  • Promoting assessment, data collection, ongoing development, evidence-informed practice, and research to ensure the Respect Program is achieving excellence

Lauren(LB) Bernstein, LMSW  is the Assistant Director for the Respect Program in the Office of Health Promotion. We are also currently hiring a Health Promotion Specialist and have a team of interns, student staff, and student organization members.  You can reach the Respect Program to schedule a confidential appointment at 404-727-1514 or You can also contact LB directly at

For more information about sexual misconduct resources at Emory, please visit the Title IX website at

For more information about our services for Oxford students, as well as services at the Oxford campus, please visit the Respect Program’s Oxford guide.

For help and support for faculty and staff, please contact the Faculty Staff Assistance Program.

If you are interested in an internship with the Respect Program, please visit our Internship Opportunities page or the Respect Program internships link to learn more and for the application or contact LB at or 404.727.1514.

PDF Resources

Respect Student Resource Guide

Respect Response Guide

Student Safety Plan

SAPA Manual

Faculty Classroom Guide

Sexual Assault & the LGBTQ Community guide

Support Health Promotion