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Passive Programming

The Bulletin Board Kits are pre-designed kits to help you create a bulletin board around different health topics. When requested on the form below, Lex Gilbert will send you a confirmation email. Within 3 business days, your kit will be printed and delivered to your supervisor's mailbox in Alabama Hall. He or she will then bring the kit to you. 

Bulletin Board Kits:

  • Brain Food: Not all foods are created equal. Help your residents learn which foods they should eat to do well in classes. Pair this bulletin board kit with a hall program teaching residents how to make healthy snacks for Hands-On Emory credit.
  • Breathe Well: Emory is smoke-free, but your residents might not be. Show them different resources on campus to kick smoking and breathe better. 
  • Flu Season: Keep your residents healthy during flu season with information about flu vacciniations and the importance of good nutrition and sleep to stay well. 
  • New Year: The New Year is the best time to make a change. Provide your residents with ideas to a make a change in 2013 to stay well.
  • Sleepwell: Have you noticed your residents pulling all-nighters lately? This kit can serve as a gentle reminder about the importance of sleep and the positive impact sleep can have on academic success. 
  • Stressbusters: Midterms and finals are the busiest time of the year for students. Give them tips to keep their stress levels low with our stressbusters kit.

The Stall Street Journal program is a series of articles about health topics. Each topic has four different articles, one per week of the month. They are designed to be posted on the stall walls of communal bathrooms, but can be used in hall decorations, bulletin boards, or handed out to residents. The Stall Street Journals are organized around the following topics: alcohol, tobacco and other drugs, nutrition, sexual health, sexual assault, and wellness.

Please consult with your supervisor if you have any questions about what requirements our passive programming options meet. To request a Bulletin Board Kit or Stall Street Journal, please complete the form at the bottom of the page. When scheduling your time, please allow for at least 3 business days to receive your passive programming options.