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20 Champions of Health Promotion at Emory

In honor of the 20th Anniversary of the Office of Health Promotion.


1Residence Hall Director (RHD) Fellows for infusing health in the residence halls:

Desiree AshongDesiree Ashong 06C

Raphael ColemanRaphael Coleman 10C 13PH

Amanda DookwahAmanda Dookwah 09C

Susannah GloorSusannah Gloor 11C 14PH

Daniel HootmanDaniel Hootman 08B 12PH

Alexandra VinsonAlexandra Vinson 05OX 07C

2. For being active members of the Student Health Advisory Committee (SHAC):

Danny BergerDanny Berger 09C 14L

Meredith PhilyawMeredith Philyaw 17G

3. Editors-in-Chief of the Emory Wheel for demonstrating acumen in health reporting:

Robbie Brown 07C

Molly DavisMolly Davis 12C

4a. For frequent collaboration, co-advising thesis students, and sponsoring curriculum intergration at Rollins School of Public Health:

Dawn ComeauDawn Comeau

Cam EscofferyCam Escoffery

Kimberly HagenKimberly Hagen

Kirsten RodgersKirsten Rodgers

Nancy ThompsonNancy Thompson

4b. For faculty collaboration:

Susan ButlerSusan Butler

Susan HoganSusan Hogan

Kay StewartKay Stewart

5. For volunteering, leadership, being a Student Health Alliance of Peer Educators (SHAPE) member and pursing a career in clinical medicine:

Kofi EsselKofi Essel 05C

6. For ongoing leadership on behalf of student wellbeing during his tenure as Senior Vice President and Dean for Campus Life:

John L. FordJohn L. Ford

7. For support of the Healthy Campus Coalition and advocating for chronic disease prevention as a Trustee:

James R. Gavin IIIJames R. Gavin III 70G

8. For founding Sexual Assault Peer Advocates (SAPA):

Ceci Gilmore 12C

Anushka KapoorAnushka Kapoor 13B 13C

9. For leading the charge for improved mental health service access on campus and ultimately the mental health and wellness fee:

Molly Harrington 05C

10. For their work as PE 101 TAs, active work as Health Promotion volunteers and recognition in the field of college health promotion nationally:

Susan HochmanSusan Hochman 06PH

Alyssa LedererAlyssa Lederer 07G 08PH

11. For thoughtful integration of health promotion themes in first-year student Orientation:

Conrad HonickerConrad Honicker 14C

Ken HornbeckKen Hornbeck

Ian MargolIan Margol 13C

Emily SankeyEmily Sankey

Lee Smith

Tanya WillardTanya Willard

12. Emory Safety Alliance leaders:

Deb HouryDeb Houry

Lauren HudakLauren Hudak 06C 12M 12PH

Natasha SouthworthNatasha Southworth 09PH 12G

13. For elevating the Office of Health Promotion to a director-level unit:

Mike HueyMichael Huey

14. For his contribution of the flourishing scale to the national Healthy Minds study to help emphasive an assets-based approach to mental health promotion and stigma reduction:

Corey KeyesCorey Keyes

15. All of the NCHA respondents in 2006, 2008, 2011 and to come

16. For advocating for men's work in ending sexual violence and creating Project Unspoken:

Caleb PengCaleb Peng 13C

17. For advocating for the health needs of international students and being a long-term member of the Student Health Insurance Advisory Committee:

Stephanie RobertsStephanie Roberts

18. For volunteering and being an early leader in tobacco-free efforts as well as participation in the alcohol task force town halls

Ashley FreemanAshley Sroka Freeman 08C

19. For leadership in shaping a healthier campus environment:

Tobacco Free EmoryTobacco Free Task Force

20. For support of the 2006 ACHA-NCHA and his advocacy in securing the Mental Health and Wellness Fee:

James WagnerPresident James Wagner

The Office of Health Promotion's 20th Anniversary

The Office of Health Promotion's 20th Anniversary

Join us in celebrating our 20th Anniversary with a video and a Prezi about our 20 years at Emory University.