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Grads Against Violence

grads against violence graphic

Grads Against Violence (GAV) is an emerging collective of graduate and professional students from across all 8 of Emory’s schools. The combined classes of Emory University’s graduate divisions comprise more than half of the student population – and every Fall more than 2,000 new graduate and professional students join our community. Yet, there are currently no ways for advanced-degree seeking students to become involved in preventing and responding to sexual and interpersonal violence at Emory. Essentially, GAV seeks to create an integrated network that can quickly connect students affected by violence with support, and that can launch efforts to prevent violence before it happens.

Individuals between ages 16-24 are at the greatest risk of experiencing some form of violence. Knowing that, GAV wants to bridge the considerable gaps that currently exist between graduate divisions to create a powerful coalition to address this issue in a systematic and organized way. Violence affects all of us equally whether you are pursuing a PhD in Mathematics or a Masters of Divinity or Public Health or any of the 50+ other graduate programs at Emory. we have more in common than we think, and we can come together as a force for change on this issue.

We have unique needs that differ in fundamental ways from undergraduate needs: we are not typically living on-campus, we do not all take classes on the same campuses, and in addition to classroom time we are often involved in practicums, internships, rotations, or fieldwork that  happens at different hours Included is our non-academic lives as young and/or accomplished professionals, as spouses and/or parents, and in general our lives as individuals who may be new to the Atlanta area (if not new to the United States in general). A diverse graduate student voice is critical in shaping resources that will actually and effectively support while we are at Emory.

Whether you came to Emory right out of a bachelor’s program, or you are returning to school after many years of professional life (or anything in between), you can be a part of Emory’s response and prevention initiatives to end violence in our community.

To find out about GAV’s next meeting, get regular updates about our activities, or get more involved as a GAV liaison, email Drew Rizzo, MS in the Respect Program, at