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The Emory ACHA/NCHA is a web-based survey that assesses undergraduate, graduate, and professional students’ perceptions and behaviors related to a comprehensive spectrum of health issues. The Office of Health Promotion administers the survey once every three years, with the most recent being in October 2014.

The Office of Health Promotion decided to make Emory’s ACHA/NCHA data public in order to destigmatize issues of concern and to celebrate Emory students’ healthy behaviors. We also wish to model using needs assessment data to inform practice, which is integral to evidence-based work. The data provided help us to become more aware of our successes and challenges, and we use this knowledge to enhance the services and programs we provide.

If you have any questions about the ACHA/NCHA at Emory, please contact Kate Chiseri, MPH, CHES, Assistant Director - Health Promotion, at or 404-727-1697

2011 National College Health Assessment

91.2% of respondents strongly agreed or agreed that Emory cares about their well-being.