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Emory University ReStart Collegiate Recovery Program

ReStart 2016 Flyer

Graduating from Emory is challenging.  Staying sober can be an even greater challenge.

You want both.  We’re here to help.

ReStart is an initiative in the Division of Campus Life.  We are a network of like-minded students who are working our recovery programs while at Emory.  ReStart participants will find affirmation and support through meetings, social events, and service that highlight that Recovery Works at Emory.

At the hub of ReStart is a Sober House which will provide living space for 3 students who are accepted to who are interested in living with students looking to strengthen their recovery.

In addition to the House, Restart welcomes all students in all stages of recovery who wish to expand their network of clean and sober students to participate in community meetings, social events and service opportunities.  

Questions?  Contact Willie Bannister at 404-727-0395 or