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Mission and Vision

Our Mission

The Office of Health Promotion facilitates student flourishing and builds capacity for a healthy Emory.

Here are some fundamental assumptions we share about the role of health in higher education from the 2011 Council for the Advancement of Standards:

  • There is a reciprocal relationship between learning and health, as well as a direct connection between the academic mission of higher education and the well-being of students
  • In the broadest sense, health encompasses the capacity of individuals and communities to reach their potential
  • Health transcends individual factors and includes cultural, institutional, socioeconomic, and political influences
  • Health is not solely a biomedical quality measured through clinical indicators
  • Health and social justice are inextricably connected
  • Both individual and environmental approaches to health are critical

(Council for the Advancement of Standards, 2011)


Every Emory student will flourish in a healthy campus.

Our Values

We employ dynamic advocacy for social justice.

We catalyze student success by providing resources and support for students to excel.

We have fun, seriously, by balancing rigor, passion, and humor.

We are committed to health and develop strategies to promote flourishing across the socio-ecological spectrum.

We engage with students as partners.

We believe prevention works and is essential to population health.

“Today, a mature office of wellness and health promotion has much more to offer the campus, placing a great emphasis on universal prevention leadership; theory-based and evidence-informed practice; understanding the correlations between health and learning; collaboration with faculty, staff, students, and community members to drive health enhancing change; achieving both health and learning outcomes; and creating the environments in which wellness and learning happen.” (Council of Academic Standards, 8th Edition)