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About Us

The Office of Health Promotion is your partner in creating health and building community.

We embrace a positive, holistic, social justice-oriented definition of health to help you be the best human being you can be! Health and learning are inextricably linked and many studies support the connection between higher levels of education and greater life expectancy. Our experiences in higher education, and the benefits we reap from them, are a privilege we can use to create positive transformation throughout the world.

“The roots of health and well-being arise from the human conditions of care, community, capacity and peace; those conditions nourish the emergence and development of whole, integrated, persons and sustain individuals and groups.” (Richard Keeling; June 24, 2015)

Students connect with our office to get involved in promoting health on campus.  We advise several student organizations, interns and student volunteers who want to take action to promote positive psychology, better sleep, great sex, violence prevention and general wellness.

Students may also come to our office to get assistance after having experienced a sexual assault or when weighing their options regarding alcohol, tobacco or other drug use or in maintaining sobriety.

The Office of Health Promotion contributes to Emory students' success in and out of the classroom by providing:

  • Population-level health promotion resources
  • Healthy skill-building consultations
  • Group education interventions to promote health and reduce risk
  • Healthy Campus Initiative to foster collective action
  • Mentoring for future public health professionals
  • Training programs for campus leaders to enhance the community of care at Emory

Learn more about our staff, our services, and how to get involved with the Office of Health Promotion. We invite you to get to know us and we hope to get to know you!

Caleb Peng, The Respect Program

The Office of Health Promotion has showed me that even today's smallest ideas can become a big part of our future.