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Flo the Flourishing Hippo: Zir Story

Some years ago there was a department at Emory called Health Education and Promotion. This hearty band of educators and clinicians were excellent at recognizing each other’s efforts and they devised the HEHHO, or Health Education Hero Hand-Off award. The HEHO was a very humble trophy, but was prized by the entire team.

One day, the Health Education and Promotion department was renamed “the Office of Health Promotion.” It seemed that the HEHHO was no longer appropriate, becoming instead HPHHO, or "Hippo." Luckily for our gang of hard-working heroes, Flo emerged as the epitome of excellence. Zhe is awarded at each staff meeting to a worthy Health Promoter and is featured on the home page of the website.

Flo promotes healthy behavior and is regularly seen on campus engaging in healthy activities, like bicycling and playing tennis. 

bicycling tenniseating


flo and friends

Zhe has even had a book written about zir experiences traveling to the North Georgia mountains with Michael J. Huey, MD and his wife Fontaine.