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Clinical Services

Eligibility:  Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS) supports the academic mission of the university by providing individual, couples, and group therapy, as well as a plethora of other services to assist students in negotiating emotional and interpersonal difficulties, and to provide support as they matriculate through Emory University. Regularly enrolled, fully registered Emory undergraduate, graduate, and professional school students are eligible for clinical services at CAPS.  Emory University employees may seek services through the Faculty Staff Assistance Program:


-Individual sessions provide a place for one-to-one discussion of personal problems. 

-Couples counseling provides partnered students with an opportunity to discuss and work through issues related to intimate issues and difficult interpersonal dynamics.  Both partners must be enrolled as fully registered Emory students in order to be eligible for brief couples therapy.  

-Group counseling provides support and feedback from peers, as well as a chance to examine and change interpersonal patterns.  

-Stress Clinic:  Students participating in the 4-week Stress Clinic classes will pair state-of-the-art biofeedback equipment with didactic training in skills and strategies for reducing stress, anxiety, and enhancing relaxation.  

-Referrals to community providers and specialized resources:  CAPS provides referrals to other agencies and services on campus, low-cost treatment options in the community, or private practitioners as needed and upon request.  For students who have the student health insurance, we can activate insurance referrals as well.  

-Outreach and community level interventions are available for student organizations, academic departments, residence halls, and fraternities and sororities.

-Consultation:  Advice and guidance can be provided to students who are concerned about a roommate or one of their friends. 

EVALUATION OF SERVICES: All clients are asked to provide feedback on the CAPS services they receive as a routine part of their care and have the option to offer anonymous feedback.  Clients who do not have the opportunity to complete the evaluation of services form at CAPS, can complete an Evaluation of Services form (attached below) that contains instructions on how to submit this feedback.  Students are invited to attach additional comments as needed.  Thank you for helping us to continue to improve our services!  

Evaluaton of Services