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Group Therapy

For many Emory students, group counseling is the best way to get the help that they need. Groups are particularly helpful for those interested in learning more about themselves in relation to others as well as better understanding their own emotions.

Please call 404.727.7450 for more information and to schedule a screening appointment.


Interpersonal Process Groups (Think and Feel Out Loud).  For many students, interpersonal dynamics and concerns are a significant contributor to the issues that bring them to CAPS.  Because of this, group therapy may be the best way to get the support and help they need. It is an effective treatment for a myriad of issues and particularly helpful for those interested in learning more about their interpersonal experiences.  It can help participants feel less lonely and provide them with a better understanding of the dynamics that define their relationships, improve the ability to trust, clarify how others experience them, allow an opportunity for direct feedback, help them learn new ways of relating, and practice interpersonal skills that then transfer to relationships outside of group.  Group offers a supportive environment in which to learn how to more effectively establish and maintain authentic and gratifying relationships with others. 

Population-Specific Process Groups.  These groups, while similar to interpersonal process groups, create safe spaces to reflect on and explore aspects of identity that may be shared.  Examples include Students of Color and Sexual and Gender Diversity Process Groups. 

Support Groups
. Support groups bring together students who have similar experiences or concerns; the focus is on emotional support and encouragement.  Examples include Grief and Loss group and Survivors of Sexual Assault group.

Skills Groups
.  Skills groups tend to be more structured and/or didactic than interpersonal process groups.  For example, in a skills focused group (stress management group) the emphasis might be on learning specific skills (meditation, belly breathing) to manage stress better.