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Outreach Services

Emory CAPS provides a number of services that fall under the category of “outreach.”  This section provides information regarding CAPS outreach services, which include the following:

  • Workshops and presentations for students, faculty, and staff
  • Volunteer opportunities for students and faculty/staff


“Outreach” refers to the ways in which CAPS brings expertise about mental health to the Emory community.  CAPS is committed to empowering students, faculty, and staff through providing outreach in a number of forms including: presentations about mental health, participation in community efforts to support students after tragic events, and advisement of student groups committed to mental health education and promotion.  CAPS also has formal consultation/liaison relationships with academic departments and offices that provide student support services.     


CAPS has formal mental health consultants/liaisons to academic departments and student support service offices.  Broadly, the role of the consultant/liaison is to serve as a bridge between the designated office/department and CAPS.  The consultant/liaison can support faculty/staff in making referrals to CAPS or other appropriate campus resources.  The consultant/liaison can also assist faculty/staff in developing mental health outreach programming for their respective students. 

Black Mental Health Ambassadors (BMHA)

Black Mental Health Ambassadors (BMHA) is an organization that was created by Black students in partnership with CAPS. The organization emerged in response to the formal demands of the Black Students at Emory in 2016 (  BMHA seeks  to advocate for Black undergraduate and graduate students in relation to mental health. 

To get involved, contact Dr. Jane Yang at